Meet Saleama!


Saleama A. Ruvalcaba

Saleama A. Ruvalcaba, MATS is a wife to Omar (20 years) and mother of five. Saleama is an encourager with a variety of creative talent to share; expanding the Kingdom of God. Saleama has a BS in Church Ministries and MA in Theological Studies.

TV Personality

Saleama served on staff at Bellevue Baptist Church in Memphis, TN, (2019-2021) in the Media Ministry. Saleama was the face of Bellevue’s TV broadcast for Fox 13 where she filmed a weekly introduction welcoming viewers to the broadcasts. Do you need a host for a Christian-based church program? Contact Saleama for more details. Click here for example.

Christian Writer for Women

Saleama served as a regular contributor for Christianity Today (2013-2016) writing articles for women in ministry. Click image to view articles. Do you need a writer for your church blog, newsletter or script writer for your Christian film or church production? Contact Saleama for more details.

Christian Actress

Saleama is an actress for Jesus Christ. Saleama has had the honor of serving in several Gospel presentations for her home church. Saleama played the mother of Moses, (August 2020), the blind man’s mother (June 2021), and the sick woman (from Luke 8:43-48) (December 2021).

Speaker to Women

Saleama is currently speaking and sharing on her popular topic for women…

I am Hagar: Finding Value as a Woman of God

Saleama learned the hard way that we cannot expect people or things to give us the value only God can give us. Looking at the life of Hagar, Saleama encourages and reminds women that God sees and hears us. This powerful message challenges women to look at areas in their life where they are trying to find value:

  • work
  • spouse
  • children
  • volunteer service
  • social media…etc.
  • In addition, during this message, Saleama shares personal powerful testimonies, application, and the Gospel.

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