God Show me You Care

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In yesterday’s post I asked, do you think God cares for you. The obvious answer is He does. But do you care enough about yourself and His love for you to continue the path He has ready for you?

Here’s an idea…

How many ideas did you come up with yesterday to do something amazing for God? Did you think they were great ideas, but talked yourself out of those ideas within an hour and moved on to a new idea? Do you even remember those ideas right now?

You see friend you cannot move forward with God if you don’t trust the love He has for you. Those ideas, if they are ideas that bring honor to God, are His plans He is feeding you. He is just waiting for you to pray more about it, talk more about it with Him, seek more wisdom, take a first step. But if you’re like more of us, you brushed those ideas off and moved on to new ideas, and you likely cannot remember what the ideas were about. Social media grabbed your attention. The TV became more important. 

What are you waiting for?

What do you want God to do for you?

What do you expect Him to do for you to move forward? This is your life friend? This is your impact that you are missing out on!

He isn’t going to answer your prayers your way. He is waiting on you to show commitment. He is waiting on you to have faith. He is waiting on you to pray and talk and write down the plans He is giving you. He is waiting on you to believe you are not just here on earth taking up space. You are a part of His big mission statement, but are YOU ready to jump on board with Him?

The Vision

In the book of Zechariah chapter 4, Zechariah had visions from an angel of the LORD. Zerubbabel would rebuild the Temple in Jerusalem (see Ezra 3). There were two visions in which Zechariah had conversations with the angel about the rebuilding of the Temple. The angel told Zachariah that nothing would stand in Zerubbabel’s way to rebuild the Temple. There would be opposition, but nothing would stop the plan. It would not happen by force, but by the spirit of the LORD. Please read Zechariah for complete context and true understanding on how to stand firm with God. 

But you see friend God gives us all a purpose and a plan for Him. Unlike the days of the prophets, we simply blow off God’s visions and ideas and assume it’s some silly idea we are making up in our heads. Yes, Satan sits back at laughs at us. We go to church, read our Bibles and pray, but the moment God gives you a mission, a purpose for YOU – for His purpose in your life – you totally ignore it!

Not today friend! Today, you are going to pray and seek God’s wisdom again. Today, you are going to get back on track with God. What does He want you to do? Help a friend in need? Coach special needs students, visit and read to people in nursing homes who have no visitors, start a foundation, go into full-time ministry, share the Gospel with your foul-mouthed coworker whom you’re sure will cuss you out at the mention of Jesus Christ?

It’s not by force that God’s purpose will come through in your life – it is by His Spirit.

Today, is the day you go on a mission with God. Whatever that mission is, it might not be an overnight success (if fact it WON’T be) but today start over, start small and let God live through you. 

~Saleama A. Ruvalcaba, MATS

Do you know Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior? If not email me today and I will pray with you.

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