Saleama A. Ruvalcaba

When You Lose Faith in God

What’s The Answer?

Author: Saleama A. Ruvalcaba, MATS

When Christians don’t realize the power of evil without realizing the power of prayer – evil wins!

Think of Satan like a train going one-hundred miles an hour nonstop.

Never going to stop!

What will make that train stop? Something very powerful will make it stop. Maybe a huge steel wall.

Can bits and pieces of the steel wall work? Probably not? It will take a big steel strong wall to STOP that train.

That’s what it will take to fight evil. Can bits and pieces of prayer stop Satan?


Satan will never stop, but as Christians, we have to stand up to the evil demonic forces through prayer!

And not lose faith!

When we look a history especially within the Bible there are so many instances of Bible heroes who had to fight a real battle for change.














These are only a few. None of the victories these Bible heroes accomplished happened easily without a fight – a battle. These heroes prayed and obeyed God and He gave them victory.

When we are fighting a battle of evil it will not be easy.

Today our nation is fighting a real battle. Most of us have simply allowed the media to bully us into thinking this election is over. We live in a society today where people do not read or research material on their own. The media gives us information and we simply believe it without any thought. That’s exactly what the media wants!

For those who know better than to believe the lying manipulatory media, you’ve done something worse – you’ve given up hope anyway. You lost faith. You’re not praying. You don’t believe God will move. You’ve already given Satan the victory.

Let’s Look at “The Reformer”

Martin Luther to some is a hero who restored the purity of the gospel. To others he shattered the foundation of monasticism. Those who agree and disagree over Martin Luther, do agree in his sincerity and that his points of doctrine were accurate. To Luther, nothing mattered to him except his faith and obedience in God. Once he was convinced of his purpose – his calling from God – he pursued it with all obedience  – NO MATTER THE CONSEQUNECES. A hundred years earlier, reformer John Hus, an ordained priest, was burned at the stakes, condemned as a heretic for challenging the doctrines of the Catholic Church.

Why would Martin Luther choose the same faith?

People did not read the Bible for themselves at that time. The Catholic Church explained to them what the Bible said – based on what the Catholic Church wanted people to believe. The people had no revelation on their own from God. They believed everything they were told! They did not challenge what they were told.

 The Catholic Church and the people functioned like this for hundreds of years!

 Why fight this enormous battle for change at the risk of death?

Just forget it, right? Evil always wins, right?

The Catholic Church abused their powers, distorted the Gospel, took advantage of the people they were called to govern.

Put simply – they were corrupt.

The Catholic Church sold indulgences to the people for forgiveness of sins. People actually believed if they bought an indugence, an object if you will, their sins would be forgiven. The Catholic Church was becoming very wealthy at the selling of this lie!

Anyone who challenged their evil would pay the ultimate price.

Satan will never stop!

What Then?

What are we supposed to do then? Coward and run? Give up?

No, we are supposed to keep the fight – the faith – and pray!

Luther lived in exile for challenging the Catholic Church. His supporters would be condemned.

I am only giving you a very small nugget of Martin Luther, the reformation, and the enormous battle he endured for years for challenging the Catholic Church. Nonetheless, there was a Protestant Reformation. The Western church today would not be, had it not been for the Reformation.

I don’t want to pretend I know what our nation is dealing with in terms of evil and corruption, but I know it’s big! For anyone to honestly suggest that the November 3, 2020 election was a fair fight has serious blinders on.

Something that was done with honesty and integrity would not have so many instances of confusion. If this were an honest election the Democrat party would welcome all forms of investigation because they have nothing to hide. The social media pages would not be censoring ideas and thoughts. People have a right to speak what they believe. People can be wrong. Different ideas evolve into healthy debate where people can learn from each other. But no – Facebook and Twitter will remove anything said that they deem false. How does anyone who can think critically not see what’s happening right before our eyes.

Facebook, Twitter, the media wants you to think what they want you to think. The Catholic Church wanted people to think what they wanted them to think. Facebook, Twitter, and the media wants you to think what they want you to think because THEY – not YOU – profit from it!

How can people NOT see this!?

Folks, we are in a fight and we have to pray! We have to continue to pray for God to breakthrough this evil. Please do not live your life passively praying and thinking this evil will go away. I am not sure how this will all play out, but I know God calls us to pray. I know God is in control. I know He wants you to pray!

Start a massive prayer movement where you are. The battle of evil will not stop – but we cannot let go – we must pray! Fast and pray. Pray in groups. Pray when God’s prompts you. Stop what you are doing if God prompts you – and pray!

Pray for God to protect the integrity of this election. Pray for God to protect Donald J. Trump, his admistration, his legal team. Pray for God to move in the Supreme Court Judges to uphold the law. Pray for every demonic and evil force to be destroyed. Pray for God to remove all leaders in authority who are abusing their powers. Pray for God to do what He has done all throughout human history – and that is He has answered the prayers of the righteous who are seeking His favor and wisdom for such a time as this!

Pray Saints!

Don’t lose faith!

Don’t GIVE UP!

~Saleama A. Ruvalcaba, MATS

Disclaimer: I have nothing against the Catholic Church. This article is simply stating historical facts about the Catholic Church and Reformation. Main Source: The Story of Christianity, by Justo L. Gonzalez.