Pray. Pray. Pray.

And Pray!

Saleama A. Ruvalcaba, MATS

Today, the thought came to me that maybe as Christians, we simply don’t take seriously unified prayer. We don’t pray fervently.

That’s exactly what the enemy wants.

Do we understand the enormity of evil our nation is up against right now!?

The Jews were set to be extinguished. Esther didn’t say a quick one minute prayer to God and then went on with her life. No, she and her people fasted and prayed for three days for God’s Wisdom and favor. The result – God heard them.

We need God’s wisdom and favor right now.

We can throw our hands up and believe it’s over.

– Or we can pray!

Gather people together and pray.

Pray for God’s hand of favor over this election, Donald J. Trump, his administration, his legal team. Pray that the courts will do what is right according to the law. Pray for God to deliver this election from every demonic evil force attached to it. Pray for God to hear our prayers. Pray that God stand on His Holy Word. God hates all evil. Pray and ask God to deliver our nation from all evil hands. Pray for God to remove all leaders in authority who are abusing their powers; who are harming the American people.

Satan is never going to stop.


We cannot wake up say a quick prayer and go about our day believing whatever happens will happen.

We must pray without ceasing. Evil will always win when Christians don’t take seriously the power of evil without realizing the power of prayer!

Don’t stop praying. Wherever you are in the world – please pray for Donald J. Trump and for his victory in this legal battle! Wherever you are in the world – please pray for America!

God will hear you!

Don’t give up!

Let me know you’re praying!

~ Salemaa A. Ruvcalba, MATS